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More to Come from the Infinity Matrix!

With some of the fall holidays already done, it’s time to get going on more material. With no immediate prospects of a con to attend, I’m going to focus in-house and see what can be done from IM HQ. In the near future, Infinity Matrix will be showing:

1. INTERVIEWS!!! I’ve got a few Q&As from GenCon and GMX that I need to put to text and get out to the world. Not only that but I plan to get interviews with people in the community that I feel are having an impact in what we see, play, and experience. Already got one in the books and planning more as the time goes on.

2. ORIGINAL OPINIONS!!! Yes, one would think that from a blog you’re likely to see original opinions about things. Now, due to some upcoming holiday gifts, my abilities may just be getting AMPLIFIED!! (Either that or life will get a little easier due to a job location change).

3. MORE OF THE CON LIST!!! With a bit of downtime, I haven’t been up and searching as much as I had before. Now with some extra time, it’s time to get going on some more content.

Let’s see what more can come out and get this thing bigger than it has!

Movies A Go-Go

Ok, I’m not that old to remember everything with go-go boots and whatnot but it felt like a good term to use. I’ve actually been out to the movies quite a bit in the last few weeks (like when I didn’t care if I went out alone or not, but I didn’t in these cases). I don’t quite know what it is about seeing movies out with others but it’s something that I miss doing. Maybe it the atmosphere, maybe it’s the reactions of the people, maybe it’s the free refills on the popcorn without having to make it yourself. Suffice it to say, I’ve had a decent couple of weeks. On that note, some quick and dirty notes about the movies I’ve seen:

Alex Cross OK, this one has been out a few weeks but it also brought about a nice early photo of absolutely no one else in the parking lot. The movie itself wasn’t too bad. It was a pretty good movie for someone that hadn’t read any of the Alex Cross novels. Admittedly I can’t look at Tyler Perry without seeing Madea but he did a pretty good job in the role.  Matthew Fox was pretty nuts in his role and quite believable (I really think he’s nuts). Overall I’d give it a 7 of 10.

Flight – Now I like Densel Washington but I thought that he might have wanted to think a little more about this role. It was quite interesting to see the reactions of some of the older folks while watching the first 5 minutes of the movie (that’s all I’m going to say). The character he played was kinda deep but the movie felt a little disjointed. This I would give a 6 of 10, wait til it’s either at the cheap theater or DVD.

Wreck-It Ralph – OK, I’ve actually just gotten done seeing this movie (yes, I’m keeping the best for last, sue me!). Now first I actually have to say that I enjoyed the short before the movie ‘Paperman’. Getting to the movie, I thought it was pretty good considering it’s a Disney movie (I like Disney, don’t get me wrong). Decent story, good look to the movie and I really felt the little gaming nuances that was there. 8 of 10, definitely should be seen in theaters, I might actually catch it in 3D.

Skyfall– BALLS!!! This was fucking great!! I’ve been quite the Bond fan for years and this movie didn’t disappoint. I actually brought a newbie to it and she enjoyed it too. Several awesome action moments, funny moments that made the whole audience bust out laughing (especially for those that got the inside jokes), and a few hard moments too. 10 of 10, go see this at the theater RIGHT THE HELL NOW!!

I think that I’ve had a few good weeks getting some new movies in and hoping to keep this up, especially with The Hobbit coming up soon.

Stars and Stones: A Dresden Files Primer

“My name is Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. Conjure by it at your own risk.” These are some of the first words that are spoken by Chicago’s only professional wizard/private investigator. Harry Dresden is the main character and protagonist in a series of novels called the Dresden Files. This series is currently at thirteen books with a 14th novel, Cold Days, being released later in the month. I have started reading these books since nearly the beginning of its run and I have not been disappointed once (OK, maybe one time but if you’ve read the books you’d know). Since I feel that part of the community is about sharing one’s knowledge about great pieces of work, I want to share my feelings about the Dresden Files.

The Dresden Files series is written by Jim Butcher. Along with these, he is also the author of the Codex Alera series. The Dresden Files, in my opinion, would be classified as modern day fantasy/mystery novels due to the base plots and the flavorings of  the characters. The characters in the story are grabbed right from classic fantasy novels, including vampires, trolls, and werewolves. Butcher really fleshed out the fantasy characters, both in the scope of their personal quirks and the detail of the races. Plus, as an added bonus, some of the characters make multiple appearances in the novels, unlike some series. The books are written in a first-person perspective, so it’s like you are right there in Harry’s head, which I feel is one of the major reasons I like this series.

Harry Dresden is a private investigator living in the city of Chicago. He is also a trained wizard for a collective of people called the White Council. When things in Chicago get a little weird, spooky, or just plain unnaturally nuts, Harry is usually in the middle of it. One of his closest friends and partners is Karrin Murphy, a detective with Chicago’s Special Investigations unit, a special division within Chicago PD that investigates “unusual” activity. And when Murphy and SI don’t quite have an idea on what’s going on, who are they going to call… Not the Ghostbusters. Harry has a more cavalier attitude towards the evil around him thus making him a little more hotshot than wise man. And Harry isn’t seen as the poster child for the White Council, considering that he broke one of the major laws that should have been a death sentence. He was given a “parole” that is more of a “one strike and you’re dead” pass which makes Harry’s job that much more difficult. The ways he goes about solving the mysteries around him aren’t always easy or simple, but he gets the job done.

I have really enjoyed this series and have shared the books with others so that they may learn this too. If you are a fan of other mystery novels and like some fantasy flavor, this would be a great read. I have gotten the books in both print and audio form and have not been disappointed (for the most part). The audiobooks are read by James Marsters of Buffy fame and he does an excellent job with the characters and I think that if you don’t give yourself time to read the books, then get the audiobooks immediately! Book 14, Cold Days, releases on November 27, 2012 in both print and ebook form from many retailers. If this is a series you have not read or you are behind on it, GET MOVING, it’s only 3 weeks til it comes out.

GMX: The Follow-up

Now that the Geek Media Expo, GMX, has now wrapped it’s time for the wrap-up post. I did have to make a break from the con a little earlier than expected so I didn’t get to actually sit in on the last panel and closing ceremonies but I did feel I got a good impression. Overall, I was impressed with GMX with the depth of variety that the staff got together. The guest list was deep and packed with names that even I, in my somewhat limited basis, knew. I attended several events ranging from Star Trek panels to Q&A with some of the major guests to events like the outdoor music and video show.

This convention was quite an experience between the events and the social parties that were both put into the schedule and the ones that occurred on the Party Floor. Being that this was my first experience with a convention of this type, it was different to me but I understood and grasped onto it well. I thought the staff did a great job taking care of the events and the staff that I met was quite excited for the con and I definitely could tell they were fans as well. To the staffers that I met, whether it was for moments or longer, you did a pretty awesome job. This also includes the four coordinators that I previously interviewed, John, Rhylie, Brianna, and Allison. The special guests that I saw and met were very nice and I thought it was cool that you could be at a convention and be as close to them as just two people having a regular conversation. The rest of the con-goers were also quite interesting and I did enjoy seeing the cosplay, the participation, and the general feeling of mutual enjoyment for our collective fandom.

I had quite the time at GMX this year and it could be an experience that I would like to see again. GMX Volume 5 is scheduled to return to Nashville, Tennessee on November 1-3rd, 2013. We will keep an eye on them and give more details as they come available.

Geek Media Expo Day 2: Geek Harder

With a good amount of Day 2 in the books, I’m propping up another update from the Geek Media Expo out in Franklin, TN. While not entirely sleep deprived from the trip in and the events of yesterday, I did get a slow but steady start. There was definitely an upswing in the attendance today for the weekend crown and it was good to see that. I did happen to be running around most of the morning in my Harry Dresden cosplay, looking pretty good (in my opinion) in the duster and staff. I sat in at the Art Memorabilia and Slave Auction, with the proceeds of the auctions going to Out of the Darkness, which is America’s Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I’ll be very curious to see what amount was raised for the charity since I saw some the slaves go for a few hundred dollars.

I did take a little break to walk away from the con (which in my opinion should be done at least for a small while at any convention to keep from overloading) and get something to eat (again, see previous pair of parentheses). I’ve come back in just enough time to catch quite the stimulating Q&A session with Ellen McLain of Portal fame. She spoke about her past and her start in voice acting and I plan to have a later recap of the session within the coming weeks. After taking a little down time for this post I will be heading for the Geek Eats panel which, as you can probably guess, is a panel of fans about the works of Alton Brown and his show Good Eats. I would FREAK OUT if he were to show up for the panel and would probably be needing to be carried out in a stretcher. As for the remainder of the evening is quite frankly anyone’s guess but I do have some new acquaintances that I may hang out with.

Day 2 have been hitting very hard and not disappointed in the least. The wrap-up to the 48 Hours of Cool will begin early tomorrow and wrap up around 6:30pm so look for another post later!

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